Conglomerate, my beloved queen!

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, I' ve got your back now, and I will never let go till the day I die. And even then, I will always be here with you, I will always be by your side. You know that, right? 

My love, don't let them make you small, they will never be able to bring you down. You are way stronger than any of them will ever be. 

Conglomerate, don't ever think that they are better than you, 'cause they're not. You are full of love, full of joy and anger and sorrow. You have everything anyone's ever felt throughout the history all to yourself; in your heart. You know better than anyone what it means to truely LIVE.

I know the stories you're keeping in your heart, I know the pain they are causing you. All those stories from the past and from the future. From the people who died, and from those who lived. Who could stand the failure and the loss in those stories, other than you? No one. But that's exactly what makes you, YOU. It's all what you're meant to be, what you were born to be. The lady of love and life, my lady.

+کلاس هشتم بودیم که تو بخش زمین‌شناسی، به اسمش برخوردم. اون‌قدر از خودش و اسمش خوشم اومد، که وانمود کردم یه پادشاهم و اون هم ملکه‌مه. براش یه نامه خداحافظی نوشتم. پادشاه داشت می‌مرد و حسودا طاقت حکم‌فرمایی کنگلومرا رو نداشتن. شاه می‌خواست ملکه‌ش رو آروم بکنه، بهش بگه که چه‌قدر براش ارزش داره.

+چه‌قدر بهم خندیدن وقتی دیدن تو کتابم دور اسمش قلب کشیدم. حالا خوبه این رو نخوندن.

+کاش اسمش Q داشت. Q رو خیلی دوست دارم.